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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This week I remind you to DO what you always say you’re going to do and Don’t Wait ‘til the Last Minute to buy holiday gifts for all. Those of you who are local in Westchester, shop the Holiday Spree Boutique at the Shenorock Shore Club in Rye, NY -- on Wednesday, Oct 7 and Thursday, Oct 8. Doors open at 9:30. 

Since living in Pelham I have gone to the show and shopped for many gifts for my family. I am now grateful to my friend Kristin Barsanti, who helped me secure a table for Black Squirrel Outfitters at this year's show.

Even though it is a holiday show, Black Squirrel’s shopping theme this year will be all about looking good on the sidelines (at football games, soccer games or otherwise.) 

New Tailorbyrd shirts have arrived just in time for fall; those coupled with the Ibex Scout, Shak, and new Rave down vest deliver supreme sideline style. From sideline to mainline -- all pieces are extremely versatile for the season.

I hope to see you at Shenorock, otherwise please call or email me to get a jump start on the season and let me help you find some great clothes. Remember my favorite aspect about working at Black Squirrel is connecting with all of you, and helping you find the right assortment for your lifestyle. 

I recently had the good fortune to help my friend, Melanie Tolan, and here is what she wants you to know: 

"Anne at Black Squirrel Outfitters has the innate ability to know what type of outerwear a family needs -- before they even KNOW they need it. The best part of working with her is that she does the legwork and presents you with options that always work. You can be confident in her selection -- and, she saves you time while making the whole family look good."

Stay in touch!

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Alicia said...

True Anne is selling great, quality clothing, but Black Squirrel is selling so much more. BSQ's hottest commodity is Anne's personal service. She has a knack for putting together great outfits. She can push you in new fashion directions, while keeping you in the comfort of tried and true brands. "Mixing it up" is one of her strengths. Black Squirrel combines the individualized experience of a personal shopper, the practical clothing of an outdoor shop, and the luxury of a small boutique.

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